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Creativity capabilities and the conduct of highly innovative research in Europe and the United States


CREA aims at devising a number of tools enabling policy makers in the context of NEST to shape research programmes in a way that will attract individual researchers and organisations with high potential to initiate research into new and emerging topics a nd fields of science and technology development. The proposed project's relevance lies in helping the NEST programme to achieve its aims. CREA pursues three objectives. First, the project delineates and will apply a methodology allowing for both the defi nition of research excellence and creative capability, and the identification of relevant individuals and organizational units (to be applied in Europe and the United States). Second, the project will explore and analyse institutional characteristics at the micro, meso and macro-levels enabling and fostering highly creative and unconventional research activities. Our objective is to probe the individual, organizational, network and research system characteristics enabling and fostering highly creative a nd unconventional research activities. The third objective is to gain a better understanding of how to influence the factors underlying research creativity so as to devise research, technology and development (RTD) programmes tools and management practic es for policy- makers involved in NEST that will make NEST attractive to highly creative researchers and organisational units and enable them to pursue unconventional but potentially promising research avenues. Nanoscience and Genetics are chosen as fiel ds of analysis, but it should be emphasised that is a new methodology that is highly important for this support action, but not the two fields as such. Nanoscience and Genetics are covered by other priorities in FP6. CREA, however, takes these fields bec ause they are emerging science and technology making promising results more likely than in established fields Second, the project partner of CREA have considerable experience in both fields.

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