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Research on Energy, Water and Chemical Agent Reduction in Commercial Dishwashers


Commercial dishwashing consumes a huge amount of energy, water and chemical agents. Reducing this consumption could have a considerable environmental impact. Therefore 3 SMEs will develop new technologies for cleaning and filtering, ozone cleaning and micro filtering. Despite being an air pollutant, ozone is well known for its cleaning and sanitizing properties. It is widely used in drinking water preparation. Most kinds of dish soils besides grease are affected by ozone. So a successful development of ozone cleaning would allow for a reduction of chemical agents of 50-70 %. In commercial dishwashers the same water is used in different cleaning steps. Intermediate filtering would reduce the water consumption by 50%. The consumption of energy, mainly used for water heating, will be reduced by the same order of magnitude. Thus the CO2-emission would drop by more than 820 000 tons per year in the EU. The specific cleaning agent might affect the properties of the filters. Therefore it is necessary to treat cleaning and filtering in the same project. In order to perform these tasks, three SMEs start this project. - UK based Millennium pore holds patents on innovative filtering. - The German company Copperline is specialized in optimizing ozone generators. -The Polish Seaking company is expert in different types of galley equipment and stainless steel appliances and as a system integrator. - The Belgian Laboratory for Physical and Analytical Chemistry (LPAC) is specialist on ozone cleaning in industrial applications. - The German Fachhochschule M� participates with its two laboratories for sanitary and domestic techniques and for sensor technology, the last also acting as co-ordinator of the project. In order to shorten time-to-market, the German Hobart company participates as manufacturer of commercial dishwasher. The German Studentenwerk M� will bring in the views of an end-user demanding high hygienic standards.

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