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Measuring health and disability in europe: supporting policy development


Disability is a multi-dimensional phenomenon arising out of an interaction between the individual's health status and the physical and social environment. Disability data, and the instruments to measure it, must reflect this bio-psychosocial model of disa bility. Valid and reliable information are essential to design, implement or evaluate policies and legislation to combat discrimination and promote social integration, participation and enhance opportunities. The World Health Organization's International C lassification of Functioning, Disability and Health(ICF) provides the framework for documenting the interaction between health status and environmental features,and the differential distribution of disability among different groups in different contexts. This Co-ordination action will demonstrate the feasibility and utility of the ICF model in the measurement of types and prevalence of impairments, therefore using already existing measurement instruments.It will give evidence that data currently being c ollected, nationally and internationally, embody conceptual confusions, inconsistencies and ambiguities about disability and the relationship between health conditions,impairments and environmental factors. The project objectives are: 1) to use the ICF model as the structure for analyzing existing general population health surveys and education statistics data 2) to show that the ICF model is adequate for describing and measuring patterns of disability in clinical samples of selected conditions in diff erent countries cross-sectionally and over time as well as feasible and useful inclinical and educational sectors 3) to produce policy recommendations and guidelines concerning how the existing sources of data can be harmonised with the ICF model.The meth odology used will lead to an integration of existing statistical information systems, across nations,sectors and life span of present and future members of the EU.

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