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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-06-20

XUV-High Order Harmonic Metrology tools for novel Spectroscopic applications


We propose a project in the cutting edge research area of the generation, metrology and applications of the coherent XUV radiation of higher order harmonics and at to second (as) pulses (1atto=10~18), through which the successful transfer of knowledge from two major European Laser Laboratories (Saclay, MPQ) to a third one (IESL), is envisaged.

The project that will be implemented in three tasks, incorporates the transfer of knowledge on issues of:
i) high spectral resolution techniques for coherent XUV/EUV (Fourier Transform and Ramsey type spectroscopy) spectroscopie applications and
ii) the generation of intense isolated at to second pulses based on carrier frequency/envelope stabilized few cycle laser pulses.

The proposed transfer of knowledge provides the framework and means in order to communicate and merge existing state of the art expertise in two partners laboratories with that of the host institution, aiming to achieve and exploit the integration of complementary techniques in a laboratory unit, that combines highest temporal and spectral resolution, at high intensities in the XUV/EUV spectral region. This leads to a significant improvement of there search capabilities of the host organization and is expected to strongly contribute in maintaining and further strengthening its sound international presence and competence, as well as to support its continuous efforts towards research improvement and new break throughs in a field in which research funding institutions of Europe invest and as a consequence European science is a world leader.

The framework of the proposed project and its synergy with other related projects such as RT Networks, MC training sites and European Research Infrastructures, offers excellent training opportunities to experienced and promising young researchers as well as a brilliant prospects for a fruitful extension of the scientific activities of more experienced senior scientists.

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