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Hammam, aspects and multidisciplinary methods of analysis for the Mediterranean region


Scenarios for the adaptive reuse of the Hammarn as a public service center for Mediterranean cities is the topic of the study HAMMAM. The Islamic bath house Hammam is a central place for social life and cultural heritage of the Medit. civilization with com plex urban and societal relations and various functions: besides its value as a cultural heritage, the Hammam is also an integrative part of the public life in the Islamic society and an example of architectural and cultural Mediterranean life, a place for semipublic activities, a space with specific architectural typologies, a support for health care and hygiene, a provider of drinking water, one of the rare public meeting places for women in the Islamic context, a place for relaxation and a place for reli gious, artistic and ceremonial activities. The HAMMAM project develops strategies and designs new concepts of adapting the old Hammam features to a contemporary Islamic life, at the same time assessing possibilities for a joint usage of the Hammam by the l ocal dwellers and tourists interested not only in architecture, but also in getting to know other life styles. The Hammam study uses a case study approach, which starts the investigation from the local situation (cultural, economical and technical) of 6 sp ecific Hammams in 5 different Medit. countries and one European country (Turkey) and develops sustainable user concepts for the different sites. A principal goal of this study is to understand and evaluate the function, the concept, the technology and the rules for the running of a hammam. Besides this study will assess risk factors arising during the revival process of traditional Hammams and carry out an users' risk assessment for a cultural heritage building that has a day-to-day usage. With the disappea rance of Hammams, Islamic cities are about to lose a major feature of their cultural heritage with deteriorating consequences on the urbanistic, societal and architectural qualities.

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