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Strengthening the strategic research partnership between China and the EU


The overall objective of STARTER is to reinforce EU-China S&T cooperation in the frame of the EU-China S&T Cooperation Agreement by means of implementing a series of dedicated promotional activities that will attract more focus of relevant European and Chinese scientists on concrete cooperation priorities and thus greatly contribute to a substantial increase of more excellent EU-China projects in the future under the EU Framework Program. The Chinese NCP organization CECO is the coordinator of the project. With the help of a strong extended consortium, the proposal will implement the following detailed workplans: WP1 Project management, WP2 EU-China NCP networking, WP3 RCP networking within China, WP4 Web service and database, WP5 Demonstration ev ents, WP6 Multilateral/bilateral S&T workshops, WP7 Dissemination activities. STARTER will build two highly efficient networks, EU-China NCP network and Chinese regional network, to accelerate the quick information flow between the EU and China. This is critical for other WPs. STARTER will make a sound dissemination plan to help the fulfilment of the objectives and potential impact. These will be done by improving CECO online services consisting of a updated website and a sophisticated database and d istributing relevant promotional materials such as newsletters, leaflets and posters among thousands of Chinese and European scientists. STARTER will also organize a number of promotional events including S&T exhibitions and multilateral/bilateral w orkshops to highlight the existing cooperation and stimulate this cooperation towards a higher level. The project has a total duration of 24 months, with a requested EC funding of 340,000 euro

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