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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Integrated Interactive Home


This project handles some further extensions to the Home Systems Standard, which was defined and developed in the earlier project 2431, HOME.

The development of any standard is a continuous process. This new project concentrates on four main areas:

Media-Independent Home Systems Architecture

Work will concentrate on architectural requirements such as the definition of transport functions, support for mobile and roaming applications, etc.

Specific Applications Support

The architectural implications of applying the Home Systems Standard in practice will be investigated. Example applications being considered for study include such areas as security and safety, home working, and health care (including support of the elderly and disabled).

Interworking with Other Standards

This area will cover the interworking of the Home Systems standard with other OSI-type network system and home automation standards (D2B, Profibus, etc).

Introduction of the Home Systems Standard to Standards Bodies

The new standard will be introduced in CENELEC.

In addition, the Home Systems consortium are preparing a parallel project, on their own initiative, independent of the ESPRIT programme. This project will handle the following additional workprogramme items:

Home Systems Media Standards

The new work will cover further study on plastic optical fibre, and possibly a fast infra-red medium.

Conformance Testing

Once the validated standard has been completed, conformance testing facilities have to be established to enable manufacturers to submit their equipment for testing for conformance to that standard. It is foreseen that these facilities will be set up under the responsibility of a new European Association for Home Systems.

Human Interfaces

While this aspect is the task of a separate Esprit project (5140, HIVE), some additional work will need to be done in this area by the Home Systems consortium in close liaison with HIVE.

Installation Guidelines and Recommended Components

Work in this area will provide formal guidelines to the builders and installers who will be implementing Home Systems.

In addition, a set of recommended components needs to be defined, covering connectors as well as basic electronic components and interfaces.


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