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Extended X-Protocol for Office-Related Technology


The EXPORT consortium will analyse the office network environment and test a particular solution which aims to distribute graphics and interactive processing within this environment to allow the optimal use of low- and medium-cost terminals and printers, so minimising networked use.

The solution to be tested is the implementation of generic graphic templates which can be stored and processed locally. This method will also provide a mechanism for a high-level graphics description consistent across display and printer devices.

The main aim of the study is to determine the viability of the EXPORT solution. As a viable solution must not only achieve specific technical aims be marketable as well, market surveys of European manufacturers will also be carried out.

The study has been divided into three tasks:

- an investigation of the office application domain
- system requirements for the implementation of templates
- market potential of this solution.

The objective of the office application domain task will be to identify a subset of useful templates with which to conduct further investigations. Data collected here will also aid in projecting the effect of a complete template implementation. To this end the consortium will conduct a product market survey in the UK, France and Greece. This task will include consideration of both current usage and future trends for DOS, OS/2 and Unix platforms.

The study as a whole will identify the hardware requirements and expected network performance improvement of EXPORT, and will determine the market opportunity that exists for exploitation of this solution, taking into account the acceptability of EXPORT to European peripheral manufacturers.


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