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Content archived on 2024-04-19

SPARC Macrocell and Interface Library Elements


The objective of SMILE is to develop a family of SPARC-based library cells, both 32-bit processor core and application-oriented, to provide the basis for the next-generation family of microprocessors/controllers. The project will also develop the design environment and associated tools to enable system designers to partition their designs and simulate performance before committing to silicon implementation.

The SMILE project will derive its major architecture characteristics from a number of systems applications, identified as being both the first to require the new capabilities and as representative of future high growth markets. The applications demonstrators will cover three main areas:

- a set of application-specific macrocells geared towards low-cost graphics and multimedia applications
- modular communication links which can provide scalable and high bandwidths between microcontrollers or application macrocells within a system
- real-time embedded systems for industrial control purposes.

The design will comprise behavioural model, logic level and layout stages to ensure optimal consistency of the design steps. To manage this process, the consortium will set up a common library design environment in order to obtain coherency and consistency between users of and suppliers to the library cells. As part of the open OMI library, the macrocells developed will be suitable for use in combination with elements developed in other projects.


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