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Prenormative Requirements for Intelligent Actuation and Measurement


The objective of PRIAM is to develop a new class of modular, standardised and interchangeable intelligent actuators and transmitters. PRIAM will build on the DIAS project (2172) and include the definition and validation of fieldbus companion standards for intelligent actuators and transmitters, with specific emphasis on the integration of intelligent field devices into a CIM architecture for the process industry.

The approach will be to:

- define a pre-normative set of functions for intelligent field devices
- demonstrate that these functions can be supported by a CASE tool
- produce prototype intelligent field devices implementing these functions
- validate the functions and field devices by laboratory
- assess the economic benefit of using intelligent field devices
- prepare a pre-normative proposal for use by European standardisation bodies.

The results will be disseminated and promoted through a PRIAM working group (EIAMUG). Vendor members of the consortium expect to use the results of the project in the development of intelligent transmitters and actuators, in the design of process control systems, and in the development of process control software.


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