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Open rotor propellers Ice protection System


The call topic description calls for a new IPS (Ice protection system) for composite propeller blades, which can be integrated with composites. From a state of the art survey of ice protection system (IPS) technologies performed in the preparation of this proposal, seven new active IPS technologies have been selected as having potential for being developed into a cost effective propeller IPS of high technical performance. These are 1) Hot air heating 2) Laser heating 3) Heating foils either surface mounted or embedded with either steady state or pulsed electrical heating 4) Electromagnetic repulsion/attraction 5) Microwave heating 6) Low frequency forced vibration by electromechanical transducers 7) Guided wave ultrasonics using microfiber piezoelectric composites. Synergistic combination of these IPS approaches, and synergistic combination of any one with a number of passive technologies probably involving non-intrusive ice-phobic chemical coatings, will also be investigated. The project will discover the ranking order of performance of these 7 systems to TRL4. There will be a number of innovations to facilitate the high aerodynamic performance of each IPS i.e. they should generate no significant additional drag on any surfaces. This to be achieved through the use of power delivery components of very low dimension perpendicular to flight surfaces e.g. microwave strip-line wave guided and antenna, fibre optic cables, low dimensional air ducting and piezoelectric composite foils. By modelling the systems (subject to further state of the art study and screening within the project) a prototype, according with the specifications defined in the topic description and additional partner criteria for performance evaluation, robustness and cost effectiveness, will be developed. The prototype construction, if laboratory evaluations are passed, will be tested to TRL4 on a propeller test rig in an icing wind tunnel.

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