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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-28

Thermomechanical Modelling of Powder Compaction


Powder compaction is a widely used manufacturing technique for producing high quality particulate products. Its use in manufacturing high value-added products with heat sensitive materials is significantly hindered primarily by three scientific and technology issues: (i) the accumulation of heat during continuous process, which can significantly degrade organic materials used in the formulation; (ii) lack of holistic process understanding especially linking with single particle properties and (iii) lack of science-based predictive models for product developments. Innovative science-based predictive models are thus urgently needed. This project timely synergizes the technical perfection of Surrey Particle Engineering Research Group (SPERG) in the development of computational models, including finite element methods (FEM) and discrete element methods (DEM), for powder compaction with the extraordinary hands-on experience of the researcher in experimental characterization and FEM modelling of powder compaction, to address these issues through a systematic and structured research training programme on thermo-mechanical modelling of powder compaction, aiming at developing robust predictive process models that can be used as a product development tool for powder compaction of heat sensitive materials. This will provide a timely and unique opportunity to make a significant contribution to the European particulate product manufacturing industries.

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