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Integrated Toolkit for Highly Advanced Computer Applications: Innovation Transfer


The goal of ITHACA-IT is to industrialise the object-oriented application development and programming technology as well as the object-oriented workflow application provided by ITHACA-2 (2705), and to introduce this technology to a wide marketplace. ITHACA-IT technology will target large commercial application projects with the aim of reducing the costs of those applications by enhancing productivity.

The ITHACA-IT technology will include the following components:

- object-oriented system kernel
- application development environment
- object-oriented software information base.

The system kernel will comprise the CooL SPE, an object-oriented software production environment designed for the production of large application systems. It offers the most important functions of a 4th generation environment and, more importantly, supports the reuse of existing software. Its principal components include a graphical desktop, the CooL programming language, the CoLibri class library, the MaX debugger, the DOI interface builder tool and the SQL object interface SOI for the encapsulation of relational databases.

In order to store objects, the ITHACA development environment will offer a structurally object-oriented object storage system, CoOMS, which, among other things, will provide an object-oriented SQL-like language in its final version. This will enable other languages to also interface CoOMS, in addition to providing the end-user with query facilities.

The object-oriented software information base (SIB) will be used to store software information, which constitutes the basic building blocks with which the developer works. It will cooperate closely with the tools of the application development environment and is currently being integrated into the CooL SPE as a static analyser.

To facilitate reuse of applications, several tools interact with the software information base, one of which is Vista, a visual scripting tool which is used to glue together existing applications or parts thereof to produce new applications and components.

An industrial version of the WooRKS workflow system prototype developed in ITHACA-2 will be built on top of the ITHACA-IT system. This workflow system will take full benefits of object-oriented technology to provide an advanced system enabling design, implementation, and administration of workflow applications.

To realise the industrialisation process of ITHACA-IT, resources are planned for actively contributing to the Object Management Group (OMG) and ESSI, to incorporate a client-oriented support and consultancy centre (CoCo), and to support and be supported through the marketing and sales activities of the companies involved.


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