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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-19

Computer-Aided Migration of Applications Systems


The workbench includes:

parallelisation aids to identify and evaluate candidate parallelisation schemes, and to optimise kernel algorithms for direct solution methods and for the process-processor mapping
program analysis tools.

Migration of representative kernels of state-of-the-art industrial programs are used to validate the workbench:

PAM-CRASH and PAM-STAMP for the simulation of crash-worthiness and sheet-metal stamping
FAM for the pre- and post-processing of industrial finite element calculations.

As a supporting activity to the EUROPORT-1 project (8421), the migration of the PAM-CRASH code will be extended to include all features relevant for a full-front car crash simulation. This will provide an industrially relevant and accepted benchmark to assist with the achievement of the goals of EUROPORT-1: the demonstration of the effectiveness of HPC Systems for industrial applications.

The workbench is demonstrated on a generic MIMD model including FORTRAN and C with portable and standardised communication extensions (PARMACS, PVM). A PARSYTEC system under PARIX with ACE FORTRAN and C Compilers and an implementation of PARMACS will serve as an example for the generic model.


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