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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-06-20

INTegrated approaches to chemical pROcess and product quality monitoring using SPECTroscopy


The proposed training programme aims at providing Early Stage researchers a unique, well-rounded multi-disciplinary training in the area of chemical process and product quality monitoring through a combination of research training and taught courses. Research training will be through a unique research programme that seeks to overcome the limitations of the current state of the art information extraction techniques through a multi-disciplinary engineering science approach that integrates measurement strategies, multivariate statistical modelling techniques, fundamental models of light propagation in particulate media and knowledge of the process for maximal information extraction for effective process monitoring and control.

The training will take advantage of the excellent track record of the Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technology (CPACT) both in successfully identifying and solving problems of industrial importance and in early stage training. CPACT, Newcastle is part of a multi-disciplinary collaboration between academia and industries. It thus provides an exciting research environment for early stage researchers to develop multi-disciplinary skills in an area of high industrial relevance and to form long-term international networks and collaborations with these partners.

The training will lead to a Ph.D. degree that will provide them with a unique set of technical and complementary skills and help them achieve their Personal Career Development Plans. Research work done by the Fellows will lead to novel methods for process and product quality monitoring using spectroscopy such as innovative hybrid modelling and calibration-free methods and new pre-processing and data fusion techniques. These developments will help in increasing the competitiveness of Europe in chemical manufacturing by providing the ability to continuously monitor process streams leading to cost-effective operation by maximising yield and minimising variability in product quality.

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