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CORDIS - Resultados de investigaciones de la UE

A revolutionary direct, daily heart monitoring platform for long-term tailored treatment of Heart Disease patients.


Heart failure (HF) is a chronic condition affecting 1 in 5 people aged over 65 worldwide: heart is unable to pump enough
blood flow to meet the body needs. The resulting excess of fluids in body and organs causes dyspnea, edema, leg swelling
and tiredness, decreasing patients’ life quality. The sudden worsening of symptoms is called Acute Decompensate Heart
Failure: a life-threatening condition with 30% mortality within 12 weeks. HF costs are high: 28 B€/year to EU NHS, 2% of
total healthcare expenditure, the major part due to hospitalization. There is today a global call to increase awareness in HF,
whose management is still highly ineffective. The transition from HF to the acute condition takes weeks but its earliest
indicator, an increase in left ventricular filling pressure (LV), can only be measured invasively, in a hospital. Vectorious’
disruptive device is a miniaturized, battery-free, implantable hemodynamic monitor capable of detecting the rise in LV during
patient’s daily life. The implantable, completely covered by Vectorious’ patents portfolio, is deployed through a minimally
invasive, catheter-based procedure. A belt-like external device is worn by the patient over the clothes 3 min/day: via
inductive AC coupling, the implantable is powered so pressure data can be collected and sent back to the external unit which
synchronize with the patient’s mobile device and with a dedicated website for the healthcare provider. A green/yellow/red
color code widely known among HF patients allows them to promptly adjust their medications, according with their clinicians’
prescription. V-LAP will be able to predict at least 98% ADHF events, HF management will become as simple as manage
glucose levels in diabetes.

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