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Development of an intelligent and multi-hospital end-to-end surgical process management system


Healthcare expenditure represents on average 8.3% of European GDP. Hospitals are highly complex organisations, typically with thousands of employees and hundreds of admissions and operations performed every day, in large spread-out areas. They look very much like “micro-cities” and their costs represent an approximate staggering 60% of total healthcare expenditure. Daily operations in hospitals involve a range of time consuming and complicated processes (care, logistic, operative, etc.), which must run smoothly to provide (cost-) effective, safe and friendly healthcare assistance to the population. A medium-large hospital spends more than 70% of its yearly budget on surgical interventions. Healthcare cuts in recent years, sometimes reducing budgets by up to 10%, have made it more difficult to maintain the high quality and excellent performance of public health services. Indeed, waiting lists for surgical procedures are rising due to an increase in both healthcare demand and service cuts. Surprisingly, the most complex and expensive process in hospitals —the surgical process— is still managed in a rudimentary way by relying on professionals repeatedly phoning each other to look for available people (i.e. ancillary), information and essential items in time demanding situations. MYSPHERA has identified this need, which has no current solution in the market. By leveraging its cutting edge RTLS technology, MYSPHERA presents a unique and pioneering service in this project that will transform the delivery of healthcare in hospitals. Automating information, events and tasks will transform hospitals into proactive organisations. In turn, MYSPHERA will change its product portfolio to move into a higher position in the value chain. OR4.0 is an opportunity to boost one of the most prominent companies in the emerging RTLS healthcare market, which is dominated by strong US companies, and, in turn, to improve the performance of hospitals in Europe and elsewhere.

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