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Inhalt archiviert am 2024-05-29

Consumer-oriented access to media content


The CONTACT project addresses the societal and technological problems faced by consumers due to vastly increasing amounts of audio and video content. Technological developments are leading to dramatically increased storage capacities of multimedia devices used in the home as well as large increases in the bandwidth of Internet connections and broadcast channels. These developments pose great problems for the consumer in terms of selecting, archiving and retrieving content. They also pose a challenge for the consumer electronics industry in that, so far, no solutions have been realized for consumer devices to overcome these problems. The CONTACT training project investigates solutions to enable users to more easily manage their content and search for specific content. It is based on the cooperation between researchers from diverse scientific disciplines, ranging from machine learning to human factors. The CONTACT training project provides positions for four postgraduates with a background in these discipline s and a strong interdisciplinary orientation. The fellows will get the chance to receive first-hand training expertise from one of the leading private research organizations in Europe. The overall aim of CONTACT is to learn how to preserve and extend the convenience for the user in a situation of multimedia overload due to seemingly unlimited digital information. Each fellow will execute research in a scientific and technologically high-qualified environment under the supervision of a senior scientist. There will be close exchange between fellows in order to maximize the benefit of their complementary expertises. The fellows will have ample opportunity to contribute to and participate in activities of the scientific community. The training projects will serve the core requirement for a Ph.D. degree.

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