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Imaging flow cytometry using holographic virtual staining

Descrizione del progetto

Una nuova piattaforma di citometria a flusso d’imaging elimina la necessità di etichettatura fluorescente

La citometria a flusso è un potente strumento analitico per analisi ad alta produttività e multiparametriche di cellule biologiche, che consente il rilevamento delle caratteristiche di singole cellule in cellule colorate in modo fluorescente. La citometria a flusso d’imaging (ICF) si fonda sulla citometria a flusso aggiungendo capacità di imaging per analizzare la morfologia di migliaia di cellule in popolazioni di cellule eterogenee. Il progetto HoloStain sta lavorando per migliorare ulteriormente la situazione. Eliminando la necessità di una colorazione cellulare dispendiosa e laboriosa in termini di tempo, la tecnologia ICF di HoloStain sfrutta l’imaging olografico in grado di visualizzare l’indice di rifrazione cellulare e l’apprendimento automatico per consentire la colorazione virtuale di campioni privi di marcature. HoloStain prevede di semplificare l’ICF, ridurre i costi e diminuire le competenze richieste per la massima accuratezza e ripetibilità, migliorando l’accesso a questo potente strumento di screening e diagnostica.


Imaging flow cytometry (IFC) holds great promise as clinical screening and diagnostics platform, as it can capture, process and analyse a large number of cells in bodily fluids, useful for hematology and hemato-oncology. However, currently IFC captures cell morphology by imaging each fluorescently-stained cell organelle on a different region of the camera sensor, dictating complicated and expensive optics and processing units. Current IFC remains a highly inaccessible technology, due to its very high cost, lack of accuracy, required operator expertise, and lack of objectiveness. The global flow cytometry market is estimated as USD 3.29 Billion in 2017, and projected to reach USD 4.79 Billion by 2022. This rapid growth is due to anticipation of becoming more common in clinical use. In this project, we will develop and commercialize a novel IFC platform. Using an external portable interferometric module and novel analysis methods, we perform quantitative holographic virtual staining (HoloStain) of the multiple cell organelles, simultaneously on a single IFC channel, dramatically simplifying the optics, cameras, and processing. Preliminary results are provided. As HoloStain does not require cell staining for morphological evaluation, it is ideal for real-time sorting or subsequent cell use. Moreover, HoloStain provides multiple virtually stained slices from the same camera frame, earning higher throughput. These unique advantages are expected to revolutionize the IFC market in two possible product-realization pathways: (i) as a more cost-effective stand-alone IFC workstation, and (ii) as an add-on module to an existing IFC workstation, upgrading its capabilities. Both pathways are highly attractive for licensing to existing flow cytometry manufacturers or for founding a startup company. In this project, upon completing marketing requirement and product characterizations, we will build an alpha prototype, and present it to potential strategic partners and investors.

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ERC-POC - Proof of Concept Grant

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€ 150 000,00
69978 Tel Aviv

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 150 000,00

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