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Towards a theory of mathematical signs based on the automatic treatment of mathematical corpora


The SemioMaths project aims at proposing a formal model for the automatic analysis of mathematical corpora, based on semiological theories and on recent advances in formal and computational linguistics, in order to provide a broad and solid framework for the philosophy and the history of mathematics especially concerned with the study of mathematical practices. In order to achieve this objective, the action includes advanced training in the technical fields concerned by the project, the study of various existing mathematical corpora, the development of concrete implementations of linguistic computational models on mathematical corpora, and the elaboration of the corresponding results in the form of both scientific articles and a software package. Scientific training will be achieved by following suitable courses and exchanging with the research community of the host institution; the study of corpora will be done in close collaboration with the research team of the host chair; models will be implemented using the institution’s advanced computing infrastructure and IT support; finally, a teaching activity will help to systematize the conceptual grounds of the proposed approach. As a result of its inherent interdisciplinarity, other than in the specific fields of philosophy and history of mathematics, an impact is expected from the connections to be established with the other fields with which this project is concerned (computational linguistics, computer science, logic), and between the corresponding scientific communities. In this way, the SemioMaths project will improve our comprehension of the relations between mathematical knowledge and empirical textual practices. This shall result in a better understanding of the singularity of mathematics as a human practice and of its role in society, thus ultimately helping to build new and original bridges between formal and natural sciences on one side, and the humanities on the other.

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  • /humanities/philosophy, ethics and religion/philosophy

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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