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Working Group on Reliability


The objectives of WOGOR are to learn about the reliability knowledge and competence of SMEs, covering concepts, expertise, strategies, know-how, educational experiences and standardisation issues in this field. This will be done by the organisation of special meetings, seminars, workshops and training sessions. These will be used to help improve the performance of SMEs in the field of reliability by helping them to acquire know-how about the tools and so enable them to better compete market.

The working group's activities will comprise:

- a survey of the level of experience of European SMEs in the field of reliability procurement and assessment and of their concrete needs, wish lists and priorities regarding the organisation of special gatherings (meetings, workshops, seminars, etc).
- the preparation of a two-year action-plan
- the coordination of the organisation of gatherings which are specifically SME oriented, ie the selection of appropriate locations, speakers, and trainers.
- preparation of information booklets, including all necessary information on the organised activities and reports ready for dissemination containing feedback from the organised sessions and information on the availability of course material.


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