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Multigigabit interconnection using dispersion compensation and advanced soliton techniques

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The project concerns 40 Gbit/s transmission over currently installed optical fibre lines at 1.55 um. To achieve this, two complementary areas have been defined: investigation and development of non-linear soliton propagation techniques at 40 Gbit/s for a field trial over dispersion shifted fibre (DSF) lines; investigation and development of linear transmission techniques to undertake a field demonstration of the capability of 40 GHz transmission over standard fibre lines. Primary achievements for the first part of the project include: preliminary linear field trial using mid-span-spectral-inversion (MSSI) achieving 10 Gbit/s return to zero (RZ) data transmission at BER of 10-11 over 140 km of installed fibre; characterisation of DSF lines for soliton field trial and establishment of sub-systems for testbed; preliminary design and specification for 40 Gbit/s electronic receiver; development of advanced soliton propagation methods beyond 40 Gbit/s utilising loss-compensating dispersion-decreasing fibre (LCDDF). The overall expected achievement is the demonstration of the limitations and performance of 40 Gbit/s optical transmission technology over existing fibre lines. The development activities will evaluate and provide methodology to assess the future capability and impact of systems beyond 40 Gbit/s. Supported by the advanced technology aspects of the project a meaningful comparison of the transmission methods can be undertaken.

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