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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Fibre reinforced metal laminate and CFRP fuselage concepts


The application of advanced materials in fuselage structures is seen as an important contribution to increase the composite content in aircraft structures. This will have an advantageous effect on the structural weight of the aircraft and consequently on the Direct Operating Costs. Fuel saving and reduction of pollution are further benefits. This program endeavors to investigate the viability of using advanced material for fuselage constructions and further to minimize the technological risks by delineating and solving general and specific fuselage related problems. Studies both on metal laminate and CFRP fuselage concepts will be performed.
This programme successfully achieved investigation of the viability of using advanced materials for fuselage constructions and further minimization of the technological risks by delineating and solving general and specific fuselage related problems.

Studies on both Fibre Metal Laminates (FML) and CFRP fuselage concepts were performed to give definition to the structural concepts which were developed.

Structural concepts, or so called building blocks, were developed and tested to correlate experimental and design data. For the testing of building blocks dedicated test rigs have been used.

Dedicated stress methods were developed and validated against test results. Furthermore, fundamental knowledge is built up on mechanical properties, manufacturing processes and durability.
Principal objectives

1. Trade of studies for different structural concepts in the design of fibre metal laminate structures and CFPR structures.
2. To define critical items and requirements for composite fuselage structures, by establishing a preliminary specification. Preliminary structural design alternatives will be developed.
3. To define fuselage concepts with reduced fuselage weight by 20% and improved damage tolerance properties.
4. To develop basic fundamental knowledge on fibre metal laminates and CFRP materials.
5. To develop tailored analysis and prediction methods for biaxial fibre reinforced metal laminates.

Technical approach

The project is structured in three principal research areas:

1. The development of fundamental knowledge on material properties and manufacturing technics. The accent will be on experimental work with some prediction development work to correlate theoretical and experimental data.
2. The development of structural concepts for both metal laminate and CFRP Fuselage Concepts. Relevant parts will be designed and calculated. Components will be built and tested. Most promising concepts will be further optimized.

3. Relevant analysis and prediction methods will be developed for metal laminates. The validity of the stress, buckling and crack growth methods will be correlated with test results coming from dedicated coupons and components.


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