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Content archived on 2024-06-11

Injury Criterias for Enhanced Passive Safety in aircrafts


In aircraft as well as automotive technology, the HIC (Head Injury Criterium) is being used as an assessment criterium for head injuries in accidents.
As a pass-fail criterium, however, the HIC is disputed and is discussed controversely. Strictly speaking, the HIC is applicable only for head impacts on rigid structural components in a forward motion.
As sole assessment criterium for passive safety in aircraft, the HIC is definitely insufficient. In addition, there are currently the maximum-limited thigh forces, maximum shoulder belt forces - if existing - (Part 23, Part 27, aircraft) and, in particular for the downward test, the force in the vertebral column.
Are these currently valid pass-fail criteria sufficient to provide a "passenger-friendly" cabin in a crash?
In automotive technology there are far more assessment criteria such as chest impression; chest acceleration; pelvic acceleration; etc.
Furthermore, there are a number of requirements (FMVSS; ECE) to assess the interior of a passenger car.
The first step is an accident analysis comprising last years accidents with passenger aircraft. Afterwards the currently valid assessment criteria for dynamic tests in aircraft and automotive industry are to be set up and assessed in accordance with their respective relevance.
Is it possible to apply the results drawn from automotive technology to the aircraft sector and of what value would this be ?
Based on the accident analysis, injury concentrations are to be detected and compared with the known assessment criteria (aircraft - automotive technology).
By this knowing new assessment criterias for enhanced passive safety in aircrafts are to be developed
The results are to be discussed and proposals be set up to be applied to european airworthiness requirements.

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