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Content archived on 2024-06-11

Aircraft Environmental Impacts and Certification Criteria


AEROCERT describes the research items to provide options for improvement of the certification standards, and recommendations for preferred options related to aircraft environmental impact.
The key objectives and principal tasks are:

I. To identify necessary revisions and/or extensions of the emission certification procedures.
a. To identify the known and possible impacts of aircraft emissions on the environment and to identify the data needed to quantify these impacts.
b. To define possible indices showing the actual impact of aircraft emissions on the environment or usable to quantify the actual impact on the environment.
c. To identify whether the existing certification procedures reflect the impact on the environment, considering different influences such as flight procedures.
d. To define options for possible improvements by changing standards and procedures or by extending them, considering the technical feasibility, effectiveness and economic impact of the proposed improvements.

II. To identify the effect of operational and maintenance procedures on the certified emission levels.
e. To identify the influence of the deterioration in the emission levels of engine and aircraft and to characterise the deterioration in noise and emission levels.
f. To make recommendations on operational and maintenance procedures to keep near to the certification levels.

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ICAO/CAEP Committee on Aviation and Environmental Protection.

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