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Total Airport Performance and Evaluation


The TAPE project aims at identifying the factors affecting airport efficiency and capacity in the broader sense, including passenger and ground handling, ramp and apron services, airport access and information, with the final objective of modelling the whole to assess potential improvements. The major objective is therefore to develop a computer aided capability for evaluating the impact on the entire airport of various alternatives for increasing airport capacity and efficiency, both airside and landside. This capability will be implemented in the form of a multi-layered toolkit consisting primarily of analytical models, as well as of a few carefully selected simulation models, and managed through a set of utility programmes. The toolkit will facilitate the investigation of capacity and efficiency related issues at the appropriate level of detail . Another objective is to demonstrate the potential of this approach and to draw some generalized conclusions about the most effective available ways for increasing capacity and efficiency on an airport-wide basis. As example the two italian airports of Milan (Linate and Malpensa) will be used to derive the model for the operations and how different scenarios could be applied.

Demonstration of model for Manchester, Milan Linate and Malpensa Airports
4.3.1/44 Telematics projects : AIRPORT-G,DAFUSA

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