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Elaboration of a strategy for the transition from eatchip phase iii to the European air traffic management system.


The main objective of this work is to produce a transition strategy which enables the evolutionary development from the EATCHIP Phase III ATM systems to the future European ATM system. A good transition strategy means that the transition over time can be effected efficiently in terms of investment, required man-power and through life costs of future ATM systems.

Our proposal starts with the definition of a set of principles, or transition concepts. These principles will define how transition concerns are to be handled; for example concerns about geographical area, consistency between states and standards and refulations. Dimensioning points are the constraints that impact the performance of transitions, for example, human factors and validation processes, and these will be developed alongside the transition concepts.

With the transition concepts and dimensioning points in place, a further pbjective of this work is to initiate the transition process through the provision of transition actions. This objective derives from the acknowledgement that on the one hand EATCHIP Phase III issues are well know and understood, yet on the other hand the options for EATMS are many and far from being understood fully. Therefore, initiating the transition process and making it iterative provides an appropriate basis for the development of a realistic transition strategy, this being the consolidation of the transition actions, their sequencing, prioritisation and consistency across parallel system evolutions.

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