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Glycosyltransferases from streptomycetes as tools in biotransformations


The use of Streptomycete glycosyltransferases (GT) for biotransformations of natural and synthetic aglycones should be explored. The goal is the development of compounds with new biological activities.

The use of glycosyltransferases (GT) for biotransformation reactions on natural and synthetic aglycones is a non-developed field.
However, it has to be expected to be an excellent tool in the formation of compounds with new biological activities. Therefore, to start it is required that basic research is carried out with the aim to isolate, characterize and define useful GT and their genes, cloning and expression of the GT genes. In a second phase the evaluation of GT for the glycosylation of natural aglycones or synthetic analogs thereof has to follow. Since streptomycetes produce a vast variety of compounds, the biological activity of which is largely dependent on modification by GT of again widely varying specificity, we plan to search for GT and their respective genes in members of this group of organisms known to harbor special GT enzymes for the formation of secondary metabolites.
To achieve this aim we will cooperate on the identification, cloning and expression of useful GT genes. This includes enzyme identification and characterization, genetic engineering and expression of GT genes, optimization of GT production and biotransformation conditions, and development of tools to identify further GT genes and activities (analytical procedures).


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