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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-04-16

Development of Microbial Information Network in Europe to a centralized European culture collections data base system


To make information about the strains of microorganisms in the European culture collections more easily available to the users by establishing an integrated and centralized database.
The Data Integrating Nodes (DIN) (Fungi/Yeasts: CBS, BAARN; Bacteria: LMG, Ghent) were provided with the most recent data and, afer processing and integration, report files were prepared. Guidelines were established for correction and harmonization of data. The format of the central data base and coordination of supply of data were discussed. There was participation in the establishment of an European data base on plasmids, virusses and transposable elements and a common format was established for fungi yeasts and bacteria.

The project proposed here is a natural follow-up of MINE. In the MINE project under BAP, programmes have been developed
for common formats for data storage, and a network of
databases has come into existence that allows exchange of
data. Data have been entered partially. Each participant
reported its progress individually. Monitoring the quality of the input must be continued. Under BRIDGE the aim is to
complement data of each member collection, harmonizing the
full data sets by integration programs at the dataintegrating nodes and making all those data available on-line in a central database node. It is further aimed at extending the system by incorporating more collections of different
kinds of micro-organisms and more EC- and non-EC countries.
This international cooperation will develop MINE into the
most important microbial data base system in Europe offering easy and fast access to valuable and reliable information.


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