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Novell Surface Structures on Metals with Improved Properties for Enhanced Mechanical Interlocking with Bone


The main goals of this international, multidisciplinary project will be the introduction of new metallic materials as possible substitutes for cp. titanium and its alloys, and to optimise surface structures for mechanical interlocking of skeletal implants with bone.

After successfully Improving the' mechanical properties, the electrochemical properties and the in-vitro/in-vivo behaviour of the conventionally produced cp. metals tantalum and 'niobiurn' will be evaluated. Since some of the presently used surface structuring methods on titanium and its alloys are under debate because of possible contaminations or abrasion (e.g. machining, sand blasting, plasmaspray coating), the biological effects of contaminations on the resulting surfaces will be first evaluated. Thereafter, new methods for surface structuring and treatment will be characterised, and the effects of the resulting -surfaces on the mechanical, electrochemical, and biological properties of all the metallic materials under investigation will be evaluated.
Finally, the production of new metallic materials by powder metallurgical techniques will be investigated, using tantalum and niobium as base metals. Resulting candidates will undergo mechanical, electrochemical, and in-vitro biological testing. Only the best metallic materials and the optimised surface structuring will be used to manufacture implants for the final in-vivo testing under functional loading.

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