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A transcript map of the mouse genome by radiation hybrid mapping


- To establish an expressed sequence tag based transcript map of the mouse genome.

This project aims to make a major contribution to the establishment of a transcript map of the mouse genome. Expressed sequence tags (ESTs) will be generated and mapped on a specially constructed hybrid (RH) panel on which framework markers will have been localised. Specific attention will be paid to including markers which will allow integration of this map with other mouse mapping resources. We will exploit the strengths of the mouse system by concentrating on generating and mapping ESTs from stages of mouse development difficult to study in humans such as gastrulation which is known to involve high complexity transcription. Parallel expression profile analysis of a subset of the mapped transcripts will be integrated with functional analysis based on targeted mutagenesis. The workplan takes advantage of the participants' expertise in mouse embryology, genetics and high throughput genomic analysis. The transcript map will improve the utility of the mouse as a model system for human disease and biology by generating candidate genes for the 1500 known mouse mutant phenotypes, for the new mutants being generated in current ENU mutagenesis programmes and new targets for directed mutational approaches.

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