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Advanced kinetically controlled robotic system for orthopaedic diag nostics


Occupational, trauma and sports related injuries, as well as degenerative joint diseases, are the most frequently occurring joint related problems, with roughly 20% of the population seeking medical care. According to medical statistics, it causes enormous health and additional costs due to reduced activities, disabilities, loss of work and school days, etc., which in Europe annually can be expressed in billions ECU's. Especially the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of knee injuries have been recognised as most critical due to large prevalence , knee joint complexity, and subjective diagnostic methods and tools. The objective of the ROBOPED project is to enhance the robotic control and sensor technology to be applied in an innovative, accurate and easy to use orthopaedic diagnostic system. The key new ROBOPED features for assessing knee performance are associated with; automatic functional examinations and calibration, advanced sensor based control (compliance, force), redundant non invasive sensory system ensuring a fault tolerant and efficient comfort testing, dynamic data processing, evaluation and depiction of test results based on recent big mechanics knowledge and clinical experience. The system will help better understanding of knee joint functions and pathogenesis, as well as improving the treatment and follow up of injuries.

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