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The general conclusions of the project can be directly linked to its initial objectives:

- It is considered that the blasting control methodology developed in the project proved to be realistic (in terms of working conditions in a mine in production) and efficient (in terms of blasting improvements).

The application of the results in our end-user mine (Bauxites Parnasse) is very promising and opens the door to other types of improvements.

The adaptation of the methodology to any new underground mine should not be of a great difficulty.

- Several control devices, adapted to mining working conditions, are now available for further uses or developments. They can be directly used for production control (grain size distribution) or environmental control (seismographs, noise and airblast equipments). They can also be developed in other industrial research projects (drilling jumbo or endoscope).
Since the middle of the century, and the development of Langefors methodology, very few theoretical work on blasting has lead up to an industrial application. Nevertheless, underground miners have adapted this methodology to their specific problems, by the mean of experimentations and knowledge of mining conditions. In the same time, a lot of new measurement devices have been developed, together with an industrial improvement in explosive manufacturing.

Any theoretical improvement would require the information provided by these new devices. That is why we intend to realize a large amount of in-situ tests with strong control of the conditions before, during and after the blasting, in order to build a parametrized system of relationships between the main entities involved and thus provide an updated methodology.

Tests in a mine in production should provide data for an empirical modeling of this system, while larger tests in a test mine, specially dedicated to the project without any productivity constraints, should allow a theoretical extension to the modeling. Final tests in the mine in production should then validate the theoretical extensions.

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