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Two different studies have been carried out to reduce the copper content (derived from electric motors) in steels obtained from the crushing of vehicles that have reached their life's end.

- One is aimed at replacing the copper windings by aluminium wire.

- The other one is aimed at replacing the steel metal magnetic circuit by a soft friable magnetic circuit in order to ensure systematically the separation of steel and windings.

Two major difficulties have been overcome:

- The quality and reliability of the aluminium wire and copper commutator bond;

- The mastery of the magnetic and mechanical characteristics of the soft friable material.

At the same time, a modelling tool coupling up the thermal and electromagnetic aspects has been developed and validated on the products of the study.
The objective of the present research project is the quality improvement of the ferrous products resulting from the recylcing of automobilie wrecks.

The quantity of cooper present in the ferraille should be small if these ferrous products are recycled as flat quality products for automobiles.

The wreck automatic grinding/separating lines are note able of separating the copper from the iron in wound electrical motors which are at the origin of the excess of copper remarked.

The pre-disassembly and the manual separation are today the only solutions to obtain high quality ferraille; this is not satisfactory.

In order to resolve this difficulty another approach is envisageable: conceive the electrical motors otherwise.

The research project, following two directions, will therefore consist in the conception and the realization, firstly, of a prototype DC 12/24 V electrical motor of low power rating (30 watts) without copper and secondly of another prototype motor allowing better separation of the copper and iron during the magnetic grinding/separting operation. This last prototype will have a higher power rating (350 watts).

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