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The methodology has been validated on an industrial scale process for bovine somatotropin (BST) production. The simulation program has also been validated on a process for the production of alpha-amylase. The project involved model development and experimental validation of the models for BST production in E.coli proteinase A production in yeast and alpha-amylase production in Aspergillus oryzae. These three systems were used for initial verification of the feasibility of the approach prior to more comprehensive validation. A model for chromatographic separations has also been derived and validated with experimental results for alpha-amylase which was used as a model system.

The project has generated a software prototype for biochemical process simulation. It has also generated a methodology for process synthesis although further work is required to integrate the computational aspects of the two. An environmental evaluation procedure for biochemical processes has been developed and implemented. New models for three fermentation systems have been derived and validated. The project also generated a new methodology for rapid collection of the key data for any new chromatographic system.
Methodologies and tools are to be developed to provide the foundation for an integrated approach to biochemical process design. It is important that new processes are developed efficiently, focussing quickly on those which will be technically and economically viable. Costly errors can be avoided when an integrated approach to process design is employed. Software tools for process design will be developed based on models of generic processing units. Specific modelling work will focus on fermentation models relating to three model processes which have the important characteristics of those producing proteins and enzymes. Modelling of chromatographic separation will focus on one of the model processes. Systematic methods for the synthesis of flowsheets for the production and purification of biological products based on simple models are to be developed. These will be verified with simulations using the complex models developed and implemented on a simulation system currently under development. Efficient simulation strategies for this simulator will be developed focussing on the use of numerical techniques and model reduction techniques tailored for the attributes of these processes. Experimental validation will be undertaken within University facilities and at the pilot plant facilities of one of the endorsing companies with their active collaboration. This is an important mechanism for technology transfer.

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