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The IMPRESS project aims at developing an integrated system for feature-oriented design and manufacturing of parts with free-form surfaces. Presently, design of parts with free-form geometry is tedious and time consuming. Manufacture of such parts so far has been largely interactive and isolated from design. The system proposed will lead to significant reductions in design to production lead time and improved product quality.

The design process will be streamlined through the use of high-level free-form features controlling the underlying mathematical shape representation. The features will also provide the connecting link to the manufacturing task, enabling the derivation of a sequence of manufacturing operations, based on feature type and attributes, constraints present and the particular manufacturing requirements of the end-user companies. NC programs for the manufacturing operations selected and planned will be generated. Finally, feature-based inspection procedures will be developed in order to cover the entire design and production process.

The system will consist of the following modules :

- a feature-oriented surface design modules
- a module for the transmutation of design into manufacturing features
- a feature-based manufacturing and inspection module

The system will be built using a European-made geometric modelling kernel as a tool for object representation in all modules. As a result, tight integration of design, feature mapping, process planning and NC programme generation will be possible.

The consortium consists of two software-vendors, developing their own CAD/CAM systems and applications, a major European automotive design company, two manufacturing companies, applying both mass production and one-of-a-kind production, and a University Institute which will contribute its scientific know-how on manufacturing, process planning and geometric modelling. The good balance of partners along with the innovative concepts employed will lead to a CAD/CAM system for workpieces with free-form geometry well in advance of anything on the market.

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