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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-07

Innovative Styling Applications in Computer Aided Environments


Objectives and content

The development of computer-aided techniques has brought great strides in reducing the time and costs associated with engineering design, but similar advances have not been made in the use of computers as part of an integrated styling design process. While many of the needs of systems for styling design are shared With engineering design, there are significant and fundamental differences between the two design areas. While engineering designers may agree that computer-aided engineering design is almost adequate to their needs, the same cannot be said by styling designers. Not only are many of the fundamental tools and processes not yet existent, but it is difficult to connect those that do into a functional process for styling design. It is the purpose of the INSTANCE project to do the fundamental research that must be done, from both user-centred and system-centred viewpoints, to facilitate and encourage the development of useful and Creative computer-aided styling design. To this end, partners whose experience and Skills Span the Spectrum of knowledge around styling and concept design have come together to form the INSTANCE Consortium

The industrial and scientific achievements include:

- Development of techniques for combining surface and volumetric modelling (spline surfaces and voxel solids) to draw on the strength of each approach and prototyping a hybrid modeller using a voxel kernel With spline based tools to implement the developed techniques. This includes development of an appropriate interface to the modeller using Virtual Reality.
- Integration of rapid prototyping processes into computer-aided styling to implement an approach for manufacturing early 3D sketches of a design. This includes a direct interface to the hybrid voxel representation of the design model.

- Devising a reference methodology for computer-aided styling processes to be used in benchmarking and reengineering existing processes.

The final result of the project will be an operational prototype of a process chain for automotive styling design. This prototype will be used for demonstrating and verifying the goals of the project.

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