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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-04-30

Amorphous carbon-boron-nitrogen coatings for high temperature applications in cutting tools


Objectives and content
The aim of this project is the development of new
materials based on the system carbon-boron-nitrogen for
use as hard coatings in high temperature applications (up
to 800 C). At present there is a great demand in the
industry for coatings able to support severe working
conditions in the high temperature range (as it occurs in
high speed cuttings tools, punching and extrusion dies,
moulds for both metal and glass, etc.), since this range
is still not well covered by conventional materials (like
TiN) Extremely hard and high wear resistance coatings can
be synthesised in the C-B-N system for these
applications, as the presence of boron and nitrogen in
the carbon compounds is expected to increase the
oxidation resistance at high temperature and the chemical
inertness under aggressive environments.
For this purpose. CBxNy compounds of variable composition
will be deposited by reactive DC a RF sputtering,
starting from C2B4C (and possibly BN) targets in a N2
atmosphere. The development of the deposition process
and the study of the variables which control the final
properties of the deposits, is one of the main aspects of
the project. The composition, morphology and structural
properties of the coatings will be measured by surface
analytical techniques. In addition, the tribological
characteristics of deposits will be also tested on flat
substrates and on 3D parts working at high temperatures.
Although the range of applications is wide we will
concentrate on mechanical testing of two different types
of tools: drills, and hobs, which are used in present
cutting operations by the industrial partners. These
tools represent two extreme working conditions: high and
low cutting speeds, respectively. As a final goal apart
from the good chemical stability of the films required at
high temperatures, the coatings should exhibit a high
adhesion-wear resistance during pin-on-disc testing a
high temperatures, a high wear resistance during three
body abrasion test as well as high adhesion to the
The consortium comprises two R+D Centres, for process
development and testing of coatings. They have good
experience in the field, working in close contact with
national and transnational companies on the development
of new materials and processes. In addition, an
industrial manufacturer of PVD coaters, will develop the
coatings and an end-user will make the mechanical tests
and prove the quality of coated tools under normal
working conditions. Finally, one research Institute,
acting as co-ordinator of the project, will be in charge
of the structural and chemical characterisation of the

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