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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-30

Novel machinable mica based glass-ceramics


Objectives and content:

Mica based glass-ceramics formed from melting and crystallising magnesiumfluoro-alumino-silicate glasses will be studied with the objective of determining the underpinning science for the subsequent development of readily machinable glass ceramics for dental inlays and industrial engineering ceramics. Mica based glass-ceramics can be machined with conventional tipped tools obviating the need for diamond tipped tooling.

The present proposal combines expertise in four member states to carry out the following:
- The development of compositions which do not lose volatile silicon tetrafluoride on melting;
- A study of the glass transition temperature, nucleation, crystallisation, expansion and viscosity behaviour of magnesium fluoro-alumino-silicate glasses containing varying amounts of barium, potassium and fluorine;
- The study of the structure of magnesium fluoro-alumino-silicate glasses using FTIR and MAS-NMR;
- The study of the relationship between mica structure, volume fraction and mechanical properties including; fracture toughness, flexural strength and moduli;
- To understand how microstructure influences machinability;
- The development of compositions with improved fracture toughness, strength and machinability equivalent to that of brass;
- An understanding of how the interlayer ions (Ba2+ and K+) influence machinability and physical properties. BE97-4462

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