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Content archived on 2024-04-30

New micro / meso-porous catalysts for de-nox applications


Objectives and content
This proposal aims to utilise catalysts derived from
pillared interlayered smectite clays (PlLCs) and
analogues readily prepared via hydrothermal methods from
alumina and silica, as porous catalytic supports for deNOx catalysis. They will be prepared from natural
(bentonites, saponites, beidellites) and synthetic
(laponite) sources, assessed for nitrogen oxide
abatement. New synthetic routes will be developed as
also systematic studies of transition metal (Cu, Co)
exchange and co-exchange. The influence of key
properties pore-size/geometry, acidity/basicity, Cu2+
overexchange, etc, on the efficiency of NOx abatement in
various conditions (NO, NO2, or N20 alone/adsorbed NO2 +
gaseous NO, etc) will be assessed. Reaction mechanisms
will be investigated, especially as regards aciditystructure correlations and metal-NOx interactions and
modelling performed to allow a complete picture of the
de-NOx reaction in the absence and presence of poisons.
Optimised materials will be formulated on cordierite
supports (moving NOx sources) and TiO2 (stationary
sources) and their feasibility as substitutes for current
products assessed.

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