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Enhanced aeronautical concurrent engineering


ENHANCE, a 3 year R&D project in Aeronautical Concurrent Engineering, will define the new common methods and processes for the whole aeronautics supply chain, propose operational tools and assess innovative IT. Validation is obtained through experiments. ENHANCE will interface with existing projects, esp. AIT.

Main WPs are: the COMMONs, defining the common methods, Integration and Experiments (3 steps of experiments, from IT elementary testing to Business Case Exp.), Innovative IT, Support, Dissemination and Exploitation. The CE Laboratory supports integration and experiments. More than 50 partners from 10 countries: airlines, aircraft, engines, equipment, helicopters, SMEs, research centres are grouped around the major aeronautics players. Both Espritand IMT tasks are addressed for the entire available funding. Project Consultancy Groups will help wide dissemination, esp. to SMEs. Implementation of ENHANCE results will reduce aircraft development lifecycle (30%) and costs (30%), utilise common standards (for better global competitiveness of the whole sector) and establish a strong European influence for adoption of global standards.

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