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Plant life assessment network


The Plant Life assessment Network (PLAN) is a Type II Thematic Network encompassing a range of projects contributing to the four essential elements, Inspection Instrumentation and Monitoring, Structural Mechanics and Maintenance which are a pre-requisite for improved efficiency and safety of European industrial plant. The general aims of PLAN include:
- to provide the opportunity to organise regular meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences at which key research issues can be discussed by both contractors and customers leading to improved work specification;
- to secure added value by organising the individual projects and co-ordination their research into dedicated research clusters and horizontal themes;
- to achieve teamwork by the networking principle, enabling efficient technology and innovation transfer between different partners and industries and cross fertilisation and dissemination of results to a wider audience;
- to exchange high level technical information thereby creating an exploitation environment and improved awareness to influence the drafting of European codes and standards;
- to provide a contribution from over 50 Projects representing many hundred predominantly industrial organisations towards the future shaping of European Union research priorities and activities in the area of plant life assessment.

The benefits to Europe and industry include, amongst others;
- heightened awareness of research and development activities within industries;
- the EC becoming a more informed customer;
- a contribution to safer and more reliable plant;
- improved communication between industries;;
- working with new partners from diverse industries;
- the opportunity to draw up a list of key personnel in the European engineering industry which will be one of the horizontal themes;
- the opportunity to draw up a technical route map for the research activities within EC SCA that should make the programme more user friendly and the results more readily disseminated into guides, criteria, codes and standards.

The Plant Life Assessment Network is multi-sectoral and multi- disciplinary with a generic relevance for industry, with its participants representing most industrial sectors covering the power generation, chemical and petrochemical, manufacturing and transport industries and addressing a range of problems relating to plant life assessment and management. The engineering sector and in particular structural integrity has a large impact on society not only in terms of employment but also in relation to the living, working environment and protection from man made disasters. Engineering failures in the power, chemical and transport industries can have a major impact on society, directly in terms of injury, loss of life and environmental damage as well as indirectly on confidence and economy. It has been suggested that the life expectation of important structural and pressure part components would be increased if existing knowledge and proper application of instruments and monitoring technologies in the manufacturing and processing industries can give further rise to the efforts in arriving at more efficient production systems, less resource demanding and with a higher quality of the resulting output. In conclusion it can be argued that the network PLAN can make a contribution towards the safe life and availability of important structural components.

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