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Adstreff expansion


The ADSTREFF network is scheduled to commence in January 1998. ADSTREFF is currently a network of 16 CEU-funded projects all of whom will participate in, and contribute to, the work packages detailed in the technical annex to the contract, which also contains the rationale and reasoning behind the ADSTREFF concept. This proposal is submitted to expand the ADSTREFF network to include a further 8 CEUfunded projects. These projects are currently undergoing contract negotiation and will themselves be commencing in early to mid 1998.
The ADSTREFF EXPANSION programme will run from June 1998, for a period of 30 months, to finish at the same time as the ADSTREFF programme in December 2000.
The new projects, once incorporated in the ADSTREFF network, will perform the same function and role as the project members. The ADSTREFF Network will provide a forum under which the needs of industry and the opportunities of the market may be analysed and a clear vision of the future defined. It will enable industry and the Commission to generate a clear plan for future research to benefit most from being carried out as a series of collaborative projects with a European dimension. The research will be of non-competitive nature and generally at a scale beyond the resource of individual companies or even member nations working on their own. By clustering current research projects ADSTREFF will be used to provide a tactical review of the present state of the art and develop a strategic way forward. The breadth of the subject implies a high degree of complexity and so a framework in which developments can be collected, reviewed and guided toward an integrated research programme is vital to achieve maximum benefit from current and future research activities.

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