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Rapid Prototyping in Pressure Die Casting


Rapid Prototyping is becoming a decisive factor in product development. Strict safety regulations usually increase the need for pre-production tests of components that have the same properties as the series product. The supplying networks of SMEs must be able to fulfil this need. For the production of prototypes and testseries of cast products leadtimes of 8-12 weeks are not unusual, which constitutes a major drawback. When a product is available as a 3D CAD model, a range of rapid modelmaking processes becomes available. It would be advantageous if these models could be used to produce short run dies for pressure die casting. It is the aim of this project to develop the technology that will enable the pressure die casting of small series of metal parts with a leadtime of less than 2 weeks starting from a 3D CAD model at a cost of approximately 10% of a production die and with quality specifications that come near products produced with normal steel production dies. Applying the pressure die casting process in short run and prototype production will enable European foundries to respond better to the challenge of the market of more different products and shorter development times.

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