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Improved high speed steel cutting tools for higher machining productivity and reduced tool wear


The engineering industry is increasingly required to machine higher performance alloys designed for high temperature, abrasion resistant, high strength and corrosion resistant applications. Furthermore, the in-house workshop capacity of large manufacturing industries such as automotive and aerospace is being reduced, and globally the outsourcing of key machining operations is increasing. This presents a significant opportunity for the subcontract machining sector, which in the main consists of SMEs. However, these high performance alloys are considerably more diffcult to machine than conventional alloys, and for SMEs to take advantage of this opportunity, they must make significant improvements in their productivity. This can be achieved by utilising cutting tools in advanced materials but this can only be done in conjunction with large investments in more rigid machine tools. The objective of this proposal is to increase the hot hardness capability and wear resistance of the inherently tougher high speed steels using advanced powder metallurgy techniques, thus allowing SMEs to address these opportunities using their existing machine tools.


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