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Contenu archivé le 2024-04-30

New procedure for the manufacturing of thin- walled PTFE pipes


This proposal has already been submitted to the European Commission under the proposal number BEST-2988. After the rejection message, all remarks and recommendations of the experts are considered. At the present time, there is no cost-effective procedure to produce thin walled PTFE pipes. Therefore the RTD goal of this project is to develop a new procedure which promise - an optimisation of the manufacturing time (reduction of more than 40%), - more economical use of the material consumption and - a reduction of the minimal wall thickness of less than 1 mm. The range of applications for thin walled PTFE pipes reaches from heat exchangers for incineration plants up to desalination systems for ships etc. Simultaneously with a reduction of the production costs the results of the research promise a decrease of the mass and a raise of the efficiency of the descripted aggregates.

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