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Tactile listening of audio and audiovisual equipment


The main goal of this project is to create a totally new product able to offer an integrated tactile listening system . This would promote cultural products such as CDs, CD ROMs, Mcs (MusiCassettes), Videos and all kinds of advertising allowing the promotion of products. This project favours the transmission of musical and sound-recorded messages informing the public by a simple hand push. This research would favour the promotion of cultural and leisure products as a large public would be concerned bv the revolutionary process The degree of innovation seems extremely relevant to us insofar as a new product and a new concept are being created. The aptness might be recognised to inform at once the illiterates and the blind. More generally. the concept should allow to find many other open applications such as help for selling all cultural products, integration on medical items for expiry dates and directions for use, description of breakdowns and directions for uses for boilers, machines in factories. and any product requiring very clear and concise explanations. promotion of any products Present systems (mainly coming from Asia) only offer a synthetic music of very poor quality and very short listening (as in Christmas greeting cards.) and the system we intend to develop will allow the recording of sound or musical messages of several minutes .

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