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Wood shield-an environmentally friendly non-toxic preservation methodology for fast grown stika spruce


The utilisation of renewable resource materials in the construction, animal husbandry and food packaging sectors is of increasing importance, particularly in Ireland where the current non renewable resources currently utilised are either non existing or in very short supply Sitka Spruce is an increasing natural, renewable resource which has significant application potential within the construction industry (beams, timber houses, etc.) animal husbandry (gates, fences) and food packaging (meat, vegetables & fruit etc.) if structural strength and resistance to humidity induced deterioration can be increased in a non-toxic and environmentally friendly method. A new methodology for seasoning the timber, which includes heat treatment and the application of super heated gas technology has been initially researched at the Institute for Environmental Technology (YTI) in Mikkeli Finland. If this methodology can be refined and proven in the instance of Sitka Spruce, it provides an opportunity to utilise the timber in glue laminated configurations for the construction, joinery and furniture sectors. It also has applications in fencing for animal husbandry and food packaging where currently it cannot be used currently as it is treated with CCA (Copper Chrome Arsenic), a highly toxic compound which renders it unusable. It further has the advantage that by substituting a non-toxic product, it eliminates the need for CCA dipping plants which, in themselves are highly dangerous and environmentally unfriendly

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Wood Industries (Ireland) Ltd
Rathdrum - co wicklow

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