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High barier, thin walled tubes for food, pharmaceutical products


The overall industrial objective of this development project is to further develop the barrier polymer technology within thin walled polymer packaging, in order to increase the applications in the areas of food, pharmaceutical and technical products. The positive end result of the project will lead to production of packaging providing excellent barriers in order to protect the content against the main threads: Oxygen degradation, humidity loss and flavour scalping. The development will be based on existing plastic processes like injection moulding and mechanical stretching. The result will be obtained by development of new plastic polymers and new tooling surfaces, and will as an overall result lead to material reduction and less impact on the environment than any existing packagings.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Plastech Technology Aps
5700 Svendborg

Participants (1)

B.V. Wiezoplast AWZ
54,Merwedestraat 54
5340 AC Oss