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Contenu archivé le 2024-04-30

Global Designing and Coating System For Unitary 3D Complex Shape Decoration


Our consumer society can not deny that appearance of goods have a major impact on the way we buy. Advanced investigations on consumers behaviour show that goods' look communicates sensations and impressions as important as ultimate functions of objects. A gap is growing between the increasing need of differentiation and valorisation of objects, and existing technology are not flexible enough to allow unitary or small series decoration at a cost that reaches consumer needs. The most advanced techniques, represented by the immersion transfer technologies (CUBIC patents) implied, until 1994; an average of 25 000 Euros and 9 months only for designing. From 1994 to nowadays, the IMERIS technology (HTD patent) improves the decor designing. To satisfy the same specifications, this technique needs an average of 8 000 Euros and 1 month. The aim of our approach is the development of a process, adapted to SMEs' needs, which particularly improves flexibility and allows unitary production suits the most complex geometry implies less expensive production costs. The main goal of this project is to design to European SMEs ' a global process proceeding from decor designing down to prototyping or unitary production and mass production. The gains which we hope for this approach can be defined as follows: Economic gains resulting from the ability of the process to be flexible and to make single production. The reduction of required volume ( 3000 m2 at least) down to nearly 0 as unitary production will be possible. the reduction of time limits will allow to decrease costly stocks: decor designing will decrease from 9 months to few days. Industrial gains due to improvement in quality of the coated surfaces disappearance of tooling cost (currently about 3000 Euro per colour, i.e. 3000 to 12000 Euros for each decor) and consequently disappearance of non valuable costs ( changing equipement). Environmental gains following reduction of Volatile Organic Component down to nearly 0 thanks to innovative projection tools replacing spraying room, based on sublimation and sublimerisation techniques. Improvement in working conditions following the elimination of spraying workstation that is obviously a source of lung sickness. This project is include in BRITE EURAM Areas. The subject covered by the proposal is Area 1.1.3S; 3 other areas are covered by the proposal: 1.1.4.M 1.1.7.M 1.2.2S.

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